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Genius Extractor

Genius Extractor is a Five Week Course

that helps you get past all of the Distractions

and all of the Outside/ Inner noise,

in order to Awaken the Genius inside of you,

all the while Empowering you Forward into the



The Infrastructure Experience is designed

to help people build and shape their lives,

by utilizing powerful information and tools

that would give a person measurable and lasting

results in his or her life. Based upon the twelve

principles of man that Charles Filmore describes

in his book "The Twelve Principles of Man"

this Experience explores those concepts more

thoroughly and deeply - imploring energetics and

sacred geometry into the equation - and places

a correlation of what you would find in a solid

city's or town's infrastructure with those concepts

Pathworking With the Inner "g" Diva

Welcome to Pathworking with Inner "g" Diva.

As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium, Channel,

and a certified Voyager Tarot Deck © reader,

I holistically assist clients with helping them see

and understand how the past shape-shifted

the present and what the energy is showing

in the present - along with insight on how

to "side-step" the obstacles along the way...

By utilizing tarot we can explore the myriad

of ways the energy is presenting itself and use

consciousness tools to navigate the most efficient

way to reach the desired vision and destination.

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About us

Although Madeline has held various Regulatory and Compliance, Paralegal, Contract Analyst and other regulatory and legal positions, in corporate and private sectors, for a span over twenty (20) years, she has always found a way to grow and develop in her first love – Metaphysics.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida A&M University (FAMU), she felt the need to put a bandage on the void that was left because of an underlying desire for a really solid sense of purpose. Thus, she spent countless hours in metaphysical bookstores and libraries, studying Buckminster Fuller and other metaphysical pioneers – and in the process, lighting a fire for truth in the world of spirit, that would never be put out.

And even while working in corporate America regulatory, compliance and legal departments, under retail, political, financial, energy, and viatical - with profound experiences unmatched to anything she’s ever studied in school or read in a book - she understood that there was an underlying energy blueprint being shaped for her purpose.

Fulfilling the need to let the certificates and degrees match her studies of over 30 years, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics, a Masters of Science in Metaphysics, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Additionally, she’s received her Hypnotherapy Certification, REIKI Master Certification, Chakra Alignment Master Teacher Certification, Voyager Tarot Reader Certification, her Ministerial License, and has attended countless workshops, conferences, and masterminds to further extend her knowledge and understanding of energy and metaphysics.

While working as a Spiritual Advisor online, at psychic fairs, and on staff at a metaphysical bookstore, she realized her knowledge, skills and talents could truly assist people with daily challenges. She understood the Tree of Life, energy and the world of spirit and that her underlying purpose was to assist people, energetically, so that it would be easier for people to navigate through their challenges.

As James Wanless, creator and founder of Voyager Tarot© explained to her, there are four (4) stages that we go through on that twenty-two (22) cycle path – from the Fool to the Universe (The paths are based on Tarot which is based on the Tree of Life) That third stage, age 44-66, is the point where we teach, mentor, and share those lessons and golden nuggets learned along the way.

Thus, in 2020, during the onset on what would be discovered to be a pandemic, she created 12 Degrees of Freedom – “To level the playing field so people could be, do and have the life that they always knew was possible.”

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